Posted by: fatherandson | 21 June 2007

Hello world! Hello my son!

The name of this blog, fatherandson, is likely to tell you what is really inside. I’ve just become a Dad since my 31st birthday. It was a coincidence that my wife gave birth to a boy on my birthday. Many friends of mine congratulated for the most special birthday gift I’ve had from my wife.

I would like to start my blog by Ctrl-V a post I wrote for my child-to-be at my yahoo 360 blog (this blog was obsel)on Tuesday November 14, 2006. At the time, my wife had been pregnant for 2 months and suffered a lot from initial pregnancy symptoms.

“Dear Child,

Yesterday was exactly the fourth month “anniversary” of your parents’ wedding. 120 days ago, 13 July 2006, I got married to your mom. Because of your mom’s family circumstance, we had to organize engagement party and wedding party on the same day.

We sent invitations to about 450 guests who are relatives and friends of the two families. The party was organized in Mekong Hotel Restaurant, a famous wedding party organizer in the town then. You know, 410 people came to your parents’ wedding party. Lots of beer and fun, of course. Your daddy also sang a song himself.

After the wedding, we stayed in your grandparents’ house for more than two weeks. Since your mother’s mother agreed to handover her old, unused house on 20 Ngo Quyen to us, your father’s father allowed us to accommodate there. A new era just began.

Your parents started to enjoy a new life together with both excitements and anxieties.
The idea to write the above words came to me also yesterday. It would be great for you if one day you would read the diary, getting to know how hard your mom had gone through until the day you came into this life. It is the reason for my writing, my child-to-be.

Since your mother has been carrying you for more than ten weeks, she is always feeling uncomfortable. She eats less, loses weight, vomits in early mornings and suffers from a lot of painful symptoms that every pregnant woman
has to endure.I’ve never been in this situation before, so what I can do at present is to comfort her and take care of her. You know, I take over the clothes washing, reduce my free time for weight-lifting down to only 30 minutes…In general, I must change my routines because of your taking shape in your mother’s “belly”.
Tuesday November 14, 200610:54am



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