Posted by: fatherandson | 28 June 2007

Pop music can help improve listening skill

Just when you open my blog, you will listen to my favorite song. Thanks to SongSpots™, the song The Day Before You Came is now played right on my blog. It’s always been my favorite song since I first listened to it in early 1990s.

It was late summer of 1991 when my Dad decided to send me to Dong Ha town in order to get a better eduction. Until then I was introduced to a foreign language for the first time in my life. What we had was merely a poorly-illustrated text book. Just reading and reading. No listening at all. Young learners found it hard to fluently listen and speak, let alone a ‘country’ boy like me.

And I met Chung, who is now a successful officer of a Ho Chi Minh-based international transportation company. He was the only one who introduced pop music to me. We often listened to a lot of pop singers but our favorite band was ABBA from Sweden. Though the band dissolved in late 1980s, their music had a strong influence on pop music lovers then. We were surprisingly happy to find their songs were written in easy-to-understand, simple-structured English. As a result, Chung and I often scored good marks in listening lessons.

The Day Before You Came is a song about daily routine of an ordinary person. What you hear is just nothing but a list of actions. “I must have read the morning paper going into town… I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine with letters to be read and heaps of paper waiting to be signed… I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so…”. It is easy to understand this person is leading a boring, gloomy life which seems endless, a life before a miracle happens. It’s love. That’s when love walks in through the door. It is a love song but you can’t find the word ‘love’.

This explains why The Day Before You Came has been always my favorite. The great power of love is stressed without its presence.

If you are interested in the lyrics, click here.

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  1. i’m the first person to comment in your bolg ^^

  2. hello teacher ,hello every one !!! it it glad to meet u here

  3. thanks a lot, Dat. But I’d be happier if you have something to say in your own blog

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