Posted by: fatherandson | 11 July 2007

American Visitors List

1. Anderson, Mellissa Louise (student)

2. Barnes, Sanford Carlyle Jr. (student)

3. Barnes, Susan Lewis (student)

4. Blair, Wendy Louise (student)

5. Botos, Sasha Lee (student)

6. Gibson, John Alan (student)

7. Hoagland, Valerie Helene (student)

8. Kohjima, Joji Wilson (student)

9. Nguyen, Chau Giang (student)

10. Nguyen, Kim Uyen Thi (student)

11. Nguyen, My Dung Thi (student)

12. Nguyen, Uyen Thuc (student)

13. Phan, Mai- Lan Le (student)

14. Phan, Phuong Tu (student)

15. Tran, Hoang Oanh Thi (student)

16. Tran, Nhi Yen (student)

17. Davis, Bradley Camp (Assistant)

18. Giebel, Christoph Johannes Friedrich (Professor- Head of the delegation)


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